Contemporary cuttings from the Visitor Newspaper of 10 July 1918 
Kindly supplied in 2003 by a niece of the Rawnsley brothers

Ruth Harmsworth, a niece of the Rawnsley Brothers kindly sent in the following cutting and said:

"I am enclosing the local paper's report (The Visitor 10th July 1918) on my two uncles who died in the First World War. Their names are on the War Memorial on Morecambe Promenade. As a little girl, I vividly remember how my grandmother (their mother) used to cry on November the 11th: Remembrance Day. She was granted the princely sum of 50p (10 shillings) to bring up her young daughter and herself.

I know we can't go on retelling tales of War, but this "Book" is a lovely way to remember all the men, women and boys who died so miserably so that we could enjoy the future.


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